How To Deal With Mistakes IT Engineer

Let me Share some light on a simple strategy, which will help you deal with your mistakes in a responsible and efficient way.


First and foremost, you should understand this fact:

There is no experience without failure.

Give it some time to settle in your head.

Done? Ok.

Now the next fact:

It is not a real problem if you have made a mistake.
It is a problem if you have not fixed the consequences.

Are you ok with that idea?

Then, here is the third one:

It is you who is in charge for fixing negative effects you have caused.

This is actually what distinguish a responsible person – she can deal with unforeseen events and respond to them in a sane way.

So what should I do?

Obviously, you should fix the problem.

Also, you should try to keep all the “involved parties” happy.
And here is a general overview of the things you need to do:

  • Do not wait for a command to fix everything. Fix it!
    Be proactive, but let everybody know that there is a problem.
  • Inform all your involved colleagues that your are dealing with the problem. This will add some certainty and calm people down.
  • Inform the affected users that there is a problem and you are solving it.
    This helps to build good relationships with end users.
    Do not be afraid to show the problem – people love openness and they tend to forgive soon.
  • Ask others for help of guidance if you are in doubt!
    Do not make things worse if you are not sure what to do.
  • Escalate the problem, if you cannot make a decision!
    If you manager will bark at you – then he is just a motherfucker (or simply had a bad mood). You will deal with that later.
    The foremost target is to fix the problem, so that people do not suffer.
  • Analyze the cause of the mistake.
    Do you understand how does your system work?
    Did you have all the necessary knowledge?
    How to prevent the same issue from happening again?