Language Checklist

When you have answered those high-level questions, it’s a good time to talk to your teammates and pick up a language!

Because there are more things than this insane javascript, which you can consider.

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  1. Do you have a team of JS-developers?Consider using ES6 (with babel).
    It will make your life a bit easier.
  2. Do you prefer typed languages? Are you fellows ok with types?Consider typescript.
  3. Are you all OK with functional programming?You can start small with ES6 and libraries like lo-dash or ramda. There is a couple of good tutorials and books to help you get started on this cool journey!
  4. Have you tried functional JS and wanna get more nice things?Try elm. It’s awesome!
  5. Are you more like a full stack guys?Try clojurescript. It’s awesome too!
  6. Do you like Scala already?Try scalaJs.
  7. Do you know and like Haskell?Try purescript. No idea how cool it is :)
  8. Wanna go crazy?Here is a list of languages that compile to javascript. Pick anything and have fun.

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